Heidi Stein, born in Minden in the province of Westphalia, came to Berlin in the 1970s when she was 22 – drawn by the dynamism, tension, and creative potential of this city. Ambitiously oriented toward the art scene, venturesome and self-actualizing, she began drawing and painting in addition to her profession – and has now done so for four decades.

Understanding painting as an offer to communicate, Heidi Stein decided in the mid-1990s to stage her first exhibitions, which pointed the way for her artistic development. In Pollença, Spain in May 2004, she took the opportunity to present her works outside Germany for the first time.

Heidi Stein always regards the publication of her pictures multi-dimensionally. Artistic acceptance is thereby only one aspect among others, which clearly repeatedly include pursuing charitable and social interests. In the framework of her exhibitions, numerous pictures have been auctioned off for nonprofit purposes: for example, for the Chaim Sheba Medical Foundation, in Israel; for the German Heart Center, Berlin; and for the Women’s Internation Zionist Organisation (WIZO). In this way, Heidi Stein’s pictures have found their circle of friends and collectors at home and abroad.

Her work testifies to her deeply humanistic life philosophy. The artist remains convinced that, in a world torn by the battle of the sexes, religious aberrations, racism, political insanity, intolerance, and hate, the absurdity of our existence can be offset only by aesthetics and a sense for art.

Heidi Stein lives and works in Berlin and on Mallorca.